Market Research available: The sporting goods sector 2018

by Afydad

On June 20, at the facilities of ICEX in Madrid, AFYDAD (Spanish Sport Association) and AMBE (Association of Brands and Bicycles of Spain), presented their respective Market Studies on the sector of sporting goods and the bicycle sector.

In order to learn more about the sports sector, AFYDAD association, Spanish Sport Association, annually carries out an exhaustive study of its sector through SportPanel.

The AFYDAD’s Study is a complete x-ray of the current situation of the sporting goods market in Spain, the main scenarios of the future and its evolution, dealing with all business areas related to the marketing of products for the practice of sport and leisure activities and free time.

Among the main data of the study, it should be noted that the sporting goods sector billed in Spain 6,983 million euros in 2018, 3.52% more than in the previous year.

If you are interested in the full study you can contact: