AFYDAD and ATEBI sign a collaboration agreement

by Afydad

AFYDAD, the Spanish Sport Association and ATEBI, the Association of Specialized Bicycle Stores have signed a collaboration agreement.

In 2018, the new board of directors headed by Andrés de la Dehesa announced its intention to expand its horizons beyond representing only manufacturers and distributors of sports products and also being able to include points of sale. A year later, the objective begins to come true with the collaboration agreement with ATEBI.

The agreement with ATEBI was signed at Festibike, the international cycling fair, held in Madrid from September 13 to 15, where ATEBI successfully organized its second Technical Days.

The agreement is a framework to unite synergies between the two associations. Currently, AFYDAD has 100 companies and approximately 250 sports brands. Some of them companies manufacture products for the cycling market, but none do so exclusively.

The first step is the creation of a working group to study common projects. The agreement reflects the philosophy of the new leadership of AFYDAD with its transversal strategy called “DAST”, an acronym to include “Sport, Nutrition, Health and Tourism”, which ATEBI for its part subscribes and has been requesting since its constitution, since in its The “alliance” is established as the best union tool to strengthen the sector. Afydad is inspired by the French model, where the Union Sport & Cycle has managed to unite the entire sports sector, both suppliers and retailers, and currently includes 1,400 companies, more than 500 brands and 3,000 points of sale. Afydad develops a transversality that generates synergies between these four axes and extends its coverage. This model was presented at the 1st ATEBI-CETELEM Conference in which the representative of this French Confederation, together with the President of AFYDAD, intervened, among others.