AFYDAD and AMBE have submitted their respective sector reports

by Afydad

On June 20, at the facilities of ICEX, in Madrid, AFYDAD (Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Distributors of Sporting Goods) and AMBE (Association of Brands and Bicycles of Spain), have presented their respective Market Studies on the sector of sporting goods and the bicycle sector.

In order to learn more about the sports sector, AFYDAD and AMBE associations carry out exhaustive studies of their sector annually through SportPanel.

AFYDAD‘s Study is a complete overview of the current situation of the sporting goods market, the main scenarios for the future and their evolution, dealing with all business areas related to the marketing of products for the practice of sports and leisure and time activities free.

Among the main data of the study, it should be noted that the sporting goods sector in Spain billed 6,983 million euros in 2018, 3.52% more than in the previous year.

In this same act, AMBE has also presented its study: “The bicycle sector in figures, 2018.

The study shows that there are 919 companies in Spain providing sporting goods. 50.71% of the sales belong to domestic manufacturers (which do not necessarily manufacture in Spain), 41.46% to importers and the remaining 7.83% to companies that manufacture and import. Catalonia, with more than 47%, continues to be the area with the highest concentration of companies, followed by Valencia, Madrid and the Basque Country.

To end the presentation, we discussed the challenges facing the sector in the coming years: “There will be a paradigm shift in brand-trade relations. For brands, multichannel will no longer be enough. In the short and medium term brands must be prepared to offer omnichannel services. At the offer level, there will be an important evolution of the new Sport Urban Life concept, not only as a trend, but beyond, as a way of life. And, without a doubt, one of the pending subjects of the sector for the next years is still the woman “.

At the end, we were able to enjoy a coffee break in a networking space offered by Outdoor by ISPO, which celebrates its first edition from June 30 to July 3.

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